Verdduno, the noble and feminine character of the Langhe

Verduno is a sudden, elevated flick of the earth, an unexpected brush stroke that paints a prominent green hillside over the surrounding landscape.

Seen from the north, it is the first edge of the Barolo hills rising from the plain of Alba, or, on the opposite side, the last offshoot of the Langhe before the Tanaro River separates them from the Roero.
Verduno is a secluded land, a sunny borderland where vines climb sharp bricks and tumble into valleys punctuated by forests. The profile of the hills follows the curve of the Tanaro River between Roddi and La Morra, in an embrace that marks the beginning of Piedmont’s greatest wine lands, where viticulture reaches unparalleled heights of excellence.
Along the scenic road that divides the hamlets of Rivalta and Santa Maria di La Morra, stands the Bel Colle winery. About 10 hectares of property that insist on the geological masterpiece of the Langhe, those gray-blue marls interspersed with sands and precious fossil elements that have created timeless oenological masterpieces such as Barolo.
Verduno is also a borderland from a geological point of view. The western side of its hills, the one that slopes gently to the banks of the Tanaro River, has younger soils, characterized by alternating clay marls and layers of chalk in large crystals. The wines produced here welcome this wonderful complexity by expressing themselves in extremely elegant and intensely perfumed forms, giving Barolo wines played on delicacy and finesse, with a noble and feminine character.


Verduno’s icon is Pelaverga, a rare native grape variety that is grown in a restricted area around the municipality of the same name, within one of Italy’s smallest appellations. Introduced to the territory in the 17th century, it has found a particular vocation here. It gives wines with a typical soft ruby red color, graceful and delicate, but well-structured thanks to a perfect balance between acidity and tannins. Peculiarity of Verduno Pelaverga is its aromatic profile: a complex bouquet that blends hints of small red fruits with spicy nuances, on which, unforgettable on tasting, is the note of white pepper.


Bel Colle is Italy’s largest producer of Verduno Pelaverga. Our iconic label, which features a painting by Alba painter Pinot Gallizio, is a tribute to the tradition of this generous land, a hymn to the small native productions that have made the Langhe world famous for their ability to express infinite differences. It is vinified with absolute respect for the original grape variety, keeping intact its ringing fragrance, from whose hints of cherry and violet emerges the characteristic spicy note, the unmistakable hallmark of this very rare wine of terroir.