The best vineyards of Barolo

A natural amphitheatre exposed south-westerly, the classic afternoon sun,
where the particular microclimate exalts the production of Barolo wine which is very fragranced and delicate with a balanced body and with soft tannins.

Monvigliero vineyards

The sub-area of ​ Verduno called Monvigliero has always been considered the best in the municipality, but also among the best in the entire Barolo wine production area. It is a natural amphitheater facing south west, the classic afternoon sun, where the particular microclimate enhances the production of a very fragrant and delicate Barolo wine with a balanced body and soft, never harsh tannins. An extremely long-lived wine that retains these characteristics over time.

Borgo Castagni vineyards

Borgo Castagni is synonymous with Bel Colle, in fact the winery is located in this locality that unites the two municipalities of Verduno and La Morra.
These are the home vineyards where the control of the vegetative trend of the vineyard is followed almost daily, from pruning to harvesting everything is monitored and carried out by Bel Colle.
The exposure faces West – South-West and the wines produced on clayey-calcareous soils with chalk veins have a unique olfactory set in terms of intensity and persistence linked to an excellent structure and excellent coloring intensity.