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Barbera d’Alba D.O.C.
Ape Reale


A typical wine obtained from the same named vine grown on the Langa hills. It has a brilliant red colour and an intense vinous fragrance with very marked cherry and plum scents. The taste is dry with a good smooth and harmonic body. An excellent wine for the whole meal. It is advised to drink it at a temperature of 18-20C.

Technical notes

Vine Barbera 100%.
Maximum grape production 100 q./ha. = 9.333 bott. 0.75 l./ha
Maximum yield 70%.
Ageing not expected
Colour ruby red when young, with a tendency towards garnet after ageing.
Fragrance intense vinous characteristic, delicate fragrance.
Taste dry bodied, quite a marked acidity, a light tannin-richness, a full and harmonic taste after adequate ageing.
Alcohol volume 12 , 12,5 for the " Superior" type.
Minimum acidity total 4,5 ‰
Minimum dry net extract 23 g./l.
Complements For all young meal, meat, game and matured cheese if aeged.
Duration in years 5-10
Serving temp 18-20 °C.

Technical sheet

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