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Barbera d’Alba
Superiore D.O.C. Le Masche


This Barbera d'Alba D.O.C. is obtained from some old Langa vineyards. It is the result of rigorous selectioning of bunches in the first months carried out in the vineyards to diminish quantity, increasing the quality. After careful fermentation it is put into small "Allier” barrels to complete the procedure. By refining it in bottles for 18 months, it is then presented to the consumer with the following organoleptic characteristics: An intense ruby red colour, an ethereal fragrance with the scent of spices, morello and mulberry; Dry taste and a full bodied wine, just the right acidity and smooth. A versatile wine which can accompany important dishes such as game and matured cheese. It can age for an ulterior 5 or 6 years. . Once, according to Piedmontese tradition, the “Masche” female characters similar to witches, could magically transform animals or things. Today, this wine, the result of a magic transformation will bewitch you with its fascinating fragrance and unmistakable taste.


Vine Barbera 100%
Maximum grape production 100 q./ha. = 9.333 bott. 0.75 l./ha
Maximum yield70 %.
Ageing 18 months in French tonneaux and big barrel oak
Colour ruby red when young, with a tendency towards garnet after ageing.
Fragrance intense vinous characteristic, delicate fragrance.
Taste dry bodied, quite a marked acidity, a light tannin-richness, a full and harmonic taste after adequate ageing.
Minimum acidity total 4,5 ‰
Minimum dry net extract 23 g./l.
Complements For all young meal, meat, game and matured cheese if aeged.
Duration in years 5-10
Serving temp 18-20 °C.

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