Dolcetto d’Alba DOC


A typical wine obtained from the same named vine grown on the Langa hills. The wine is presented with the following characteristics: A brilliant red color with the tendency of having purplish tinges; a vinous fragrance and pleasantly fruity; A dry taste, smooth, pleasantly bitter, harmonic. A full meal wine, excellent with first courses and cured meats. It is advised to drink it when young at a temperature of 18°C.

Technical Sheet

Grape variety Dolcetto 100%.
Maximum grape production 80 q./ha. = 6.933 bott. 0.75 l./ha
Maximum yield 70%
Color brilliant red when young and with a purplish tendency in the foam.
Fragrance vinous, pleasant, characteristic.
Taste dry, pleasantly bitter, moderate acidity, good body and harmonic.
Alcohol volume 12,5°
Acidity total 5 ‰.
Serving temp. 20° C.

Technical Sheet

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