Langhe DOC Chardonnay


Chardonnay comes from grapes gathered in vineyards situated in Langa area. The fermentation is effected in steel tanks at a controlled temperature (70%) and in new small Allier barrels (30%). After refining in bottles, this wine is presented with the following characteristics: a pale yellow color with a greenish tinge, a slightly fruity bouquet with vanilla, apple and banana scents. An elegant, dry and full wine, it complements fish dishes (shellfish and grilled fish).

Technical Sheet

Vine Chardonnay 100%
Maximum grape production 100 q./ha. = 9.333 bott. 0.75 l./ha
Maximum yeld 70%
Color pale yellow with a greenish tinge.
Fragrance light, characteristic scent.
Taste dry, velvety, smooth and
Alcohol volume 10,5 gradi.
Acidity total 5 ‰.
Serving temp. 8-10 °C.

Technical Sheet

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