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Langhe D.O.C.


A wine produced with the same named Langa vine, it is to be preferably consumed when it is young. It has a brillant red colour, the fragrance is characteristic, intense, delicate, with violet and raspberry scents. It has a dry taste and is velvety and harmonic good body. Excellent with first courses, grilled meat and fresh cheese. It is advised to consume it at a temperature of 18-20°C.

Technical notes

Vine Nebbiolo 100%
Maximum grape production 90 q./ha. = 8.400 bott. 0.75 l./ha
Maximum yield 70%.
Ageing 6 months in steel.
Colour ruby red and more or less full of garnet tinges.
Fragrance typical, light and delicate like violets, which is accentuated and perfectioned with ageing.
Taste from dry to pleasantly sweet and a good body, with just the right tannin-richness when drunk as a young wine, velvety and harmonic.
Minimum acidity total 5 ‰.
Minimum dry net extract 20 g./l.
Complements meat and matured cheese.
Duration in years 2-3
Serving temp 20°C.

Technical sheet

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