Moscato d’Asti DOCG Turna Lunga

Turna Lunga, is the place where everything started.

The first vineyard of my grandparents Egidio and Angela, planted in 1961 in Valdivilla, in years when few people stayed on these lands to go to work in the city. Wonderful hill with an altitude of 280 to 360 meters and an average slope of 35%, difficult to work and to harvest. Turna lunga is an effort. Turna Lunga is sun, because it extends for 2 hectares with an exposure to the east and 1.5 hectares to the south. Sandy limestone ground and 6,000 logs per hectare: no herbicides, no systemic treatment, soil management with trimming and milling, fertilization only Organic in autumn and sovescio with legumes. Intentionally limited production, concentrated in the few clusters left, the great aromatic heritage that only Moscato is able to offer. Turna Lunga is always harvested in August; the harvest is manual in cassettes and with the use of carbonic snow that helps to keep the temperatures under control to preserve the quality of
the grapes. Turna Lunga is a non-oxygenated vinification to preserve aromas; fermentation takes place at 15 ° C for 10 days. The yeasts are indigenous of the countryside, the fruit of a pied de cuve prepared previously from the grapes of the vineyard harvested and pressed for a wine intimately bound to its territory. Turna Lunga are a few bottles of our Moscato d’Asti, what I’ve always dreamed to do … and now it’s finally there.


APPELLATION Moscato d’Asti DOCG «Turnalunga»
GRAPES 100% White Moscato of Canelli
COLOUR Straw yellow
CULTIVATION AREA Santo Stefano Belbo
SOIL Clayey – Calcareous
Skin contact period: Vinification without skins Fermentation period: 5 days in steel tanks at low temperature (15 °C)
Ageing: 2 months in its own yeasts
Yeasts: selected yeasts
Sweet and delicately sparkling with light aromas of acacia honey, lime blossom and sage.
On the palate, the wine reveals ripe apricot and gooseberry notes. Delicious acidity, refreshing on the finish to balance the sweetness.
Tasting temperature: 8°C
Pairings: It’s a white dessert wine, delicious with fruit and pastries in general, ideal with hazelnut cake.

Technical Sheet

Technical Sheet


James Suckling

  • Moscato d’Asti DOCG Turna Lunga 2019 87 points

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