45 years ago the brothers Franco and Carlo Pontiglione and Giuseppe Priola, founded the Bel Colle, since 2015 property of the Bosio Family of Santo Stefano Belbo.

A dream come true


Our work our passion

The winery is now lead by oenologists Luca Bosio and Mario Albrito, who create a great and solid team merging their knowledge and experiences.

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Bel Colle cultivates 10 hectares between Verduno, the Langhe hills and the Astigiano area.

The estate's vineyards include some of Barolo's most prestigious Geographical Mentions: the vineyards of Monvigliero - a true expression of elegance and finesse - and Borgo Castagni in Verduno; Bussia, in Monforte d'Alba, one of the world's best-known cru of the "King of Wines." In the hills of Barbaresco, Bel Colle leads the vineyards of Menzione Pajorè, famous for its austere and robust, yet harmoniously elegant wines. The vineyard of Turna Lunga, in Santo Stefano Belbo, is the place of choice for Moscato d'Asti; while Barbera d'Asti finds its vocation in the hills of Bionzo, which represent the first ridge of the Langa Astigiana.

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We practice sustainable viticulture, followed by manual harvest, soft pressing of the grapes bunches, balanced maceration: each phase has the aim of bringing the balance and harmony of the grapes obtained in the vineyard intact to the bottle and transmitting them properly to the glass.

Verduno Pelaverga

Verduno Pelaverga is a very particular wine with typical fruity hints of strawberry, floral aroma and with wide and intense spicy notes. Considered an aphrodisiac wine, it is capable of conquering a varied audience.

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Visits and tastings

Welcome to Verduno, the green heart of Barolo, the cradle of the native Langa wines.

Our winery stands on the border between Verduno and La Morra, just a few minutes from Alba.